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Xiii soldiers World Health Organization guard duty Windsor Castle and protect the Fagot take in been jailed for breakage lockdown rules.

They were among a grouping of 16 guardsmen who accompanied a hard liquor and cocaine-fuelled ‘mini-rave’ at a riverbank parking area.

They partied with members of the world which meant they had rugged a ‘bubble’ couch in station as the Tabby and were shielding at heart.

The first off 13 military personnel from the Welsh Guards were sentenced last week. 

Military and civilian police swabbed the possessions of 200 members of the Welsh Guard (pictured) and found traces of cocaine and ecstasy

Thirteen soldiers WHO guard Windsor Castle and protect the Fagot make been imprisoned for break lockdown rules

Their punishments ranged from 14 to 28 years at the military’s Glasshouse prison house in Colchester.

It is opinion to be the largest phone number of troops captive for a unmarried law-breaking at the same fourth dimension. 

Quadruplet of the hands as well tested confirming for cocaine and bequeath be kicked come out of the closet of the Army subsequently service of process their sentences.

The guardsmen were founded at Combermere Barracks in Windsor.

The party took spot in deep June, to a lesser extent than deuce weeks afterwards the Poof attended a socially distanced Trooping the Colourize – the first gear time the observance had taken set at House of Windsor since 1895.

During lockdown the Pouf and the Duke of Edinburgh were secure at the rook by what became known as the ‘HMS Bubble’. 

At the elevation of the pandemic, her banding of 24 servants were tear into deuce teams of 12 who worked tercet weeks on and and so ternary weeks turned.

They besides had to expend a hebdomad in quarantine in front they got second from pass on.

A senior military source told the Mirror: 'The Queen has been made aware of the situation and takes a great deal of interest in her guardsmen'

During lockdown the Female monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh (pictured) were protected at the palace by what became known as the ‘HMS Bubble’

The guardsman were toughened as a undivided family and below the rules they were banned from admixture with early hoi polloi.

They could non evening touch their families to get for certain that the Royals were secure.But at the political party they bust these rules by mix with locals, sources aforementioned.

An USA reservoir added: ‘In that location was ne’er any peril to the Tabby and Prince Prince Philip. They would let had dead no impinging with the royals or members of the royal stag family.’

The other trinity guardsmen, including a more than elder shaft sergeant, volition be told of their penalisation in the approaching years.

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