Babies are born with a “C” formed spinal curve which slowly adapts as they grow and start to crawl. As children study to ‘look up’, their ideally suited cervical lordosis takes form. If the event of the body goes in accordance with plan, the spine will assume its 4 curves as soon as the youngster learns to walk.

Straight neck syndrome is brought on by neck damage at the base of the skull. The body’s postural centers are positioned within the brainstem which is housed by the atlas and axis vertebrae. Accidents to the neck could cause spinal misalignment that leads to postural imbalance due to mind stem irritation.

Frequent ATLAS SUBLUXATIONS Right or Left Lateral Atlas. This atlantal sideslip between the atlas and axis articulations is usually attended by a degree of superiority and anteriority on the aspect of laterality due to the inclination of the articulating surfaces. Solely in circumstances of severe twisting trauma or drive will this not be the case. Ipsilaterally, palpation will reveal the transverse process of the atlas to be extra lateral and barely superior and anterior than its counterpart.

With regard to the silence in the Veteran’s service therapy records of any back disorder, the Board notes that, in cases involving combat, VA is prohibited from drawing an inference from silence within the service remedy data. VA’s Basic Counsel has interpreted that the abnormal that means of the phrase “engaged in fight with the enemy,” as utilized in 38 U.S.C.A. § 1154(b), requires that a veteran “have participated in occasions constituting an actual fight or encounter with a military foe or hostile unit or instrumentality.” VAOPGCPREC 12-99. The dedication of whether a veteran engaged in combat with the enemy necessarily have to be made on a case-by-case foundation, 首 整体 and that absence from a veteran’s service records of any ordinary indicators of combat service might, in acceptable cases, assist an affordable inference that he did not interact in combat; such absence may properly be thought-about “unfavorable evidence” though it does not affirmatively present that he didn’t interact in fight. Id.