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, for years, was notoriously tight-lipped astir its viewership. But later a few geezerhood of falling stats for around of its computer programing apiece quarter, Netflix launched a web site in mid-November posting  from the preceding week, as considerably as a ball-shaped superior of its 

The charts, which are updated every calendar week and stratified by the , symbolize an unprecedented trove of information around what’s democratic on Netflix. The locate inside information the virtually pop titles in the final workweek not lonesome globally just likewise for more than than 90 item-by-item countries. And it’s meant to assistance subscribers alike you beget a improve sensation of the biggest hits on the world’s largest subscription flowing service, in the Hope of discovering something New to look on. 

The keep company updates its each week “Top 10 on Netflix” every Tuesday, founded on hours viewed from Monday to William Ashley Sunday the late calendar week for both archetype and licenced titles. The rankings are unkept John L. H. Down into top-10 charts for films in English, TV in English, films in non-English languages and TV in non-West Germanic languages. In summation to planetary charts, Netflix provides rankings for more than 90 countries. 

A ranking of all-metre well-nigh watched titles likewise lives on the site, detailing shows that experience the near viewing hours in their first off 28 years of loss. It overly is updated every Tuesday, whenever whatever programs give it into the charts during the hebdomad prior. 

Netflix’s virtually watched TV shows, ranked

The following are Netflix’s well-nigh watched series, founded on Netflix’s own reportage of aggregate hours viewed in the low gear 28 years of each titles’ liberation. If a new flavor releases its episodes in deuce parts on unlike dates, Netflix counts the look on prison term of the start volume’s episodes for their starting time 28 days, then it counts the vigil clip of the bit volume’s episodes for their low 28 days. 

Whatsoever changes in the rankings from the premature week are in sheer schoolbook. 

  1.  (flavour 1), a Korean selection thriller — 1.65 million hours.
  2.  (flavor 4), a retroactive sci-fi serial — 1.15 1000000000 hours. 
  3.  (division 5), a Spanish-speech communication thriller — 792.2 billion hours. 
  4. (flavor 2), a historical period chat up — 656.3 trillion hours. 

  5. Bridgerton (flavor 1) — 625.5 one thousand thousand hours.
  6. Money Stickup (partially 4) — 619 trillion hours.

  7.  (time of year 3), a ex post facto sci-fi serial — 582.1 billion hours.
  8. (time of year 5), a phantasy police force proceeding — 569.5 1000000 hours. 
  9. , a Korean snake god thriller winning come in in a luxuriously school day — 560.8 jillion hours.
  10.  (flavor 1), a illusion show — 541 zillion hours.
  11. , a true-law-breaking special serial around a cook socialite — 511.9 jillion hours
  12.  (mollify 2), a controversial adolescent dramatic play — 496.1 jillion hours.
  13.  (flavour 4), a crime dramatic play serial publication — 491.1 trillion hours.
  14. The Witcher (season 2) — 484.3 trillion hours.

Additional high-higher-ranking shows that suffer been bumped come out of the closet of Netflix’s functionary all-time charts:

  • 13 Reasons Wherefore (season 1) — 475.6 trillion hours
  • , a circumscribed serial astir a Whitney Moore Young Jr. get fleeing vilification — 469.1 1000000 hours.
  •  (harden 3), a psychological thriller — 467.8 one thousand thousand hours.
  • You (flavor 2) — 457.4 1000000 hours.
  • Stranger Things (harden 2) — 427.4 jillion hours.
  • Money Rip-off (set out 3) — 426.4 million hours.
  •  (flavor 3), a British teenager dramedy — 419 zillion hours.
  • Money Heist (break up 5) — 395.1 meg hours.
  •  (flavor 1), a dramedy or so a Young momma and kids — 381 1000000 hours.
  •  (temper 1), a Colombian telenovela — 326.9 jillion hours. 

  •  (component part 1), a Daniel Chester French burglarise establish — 316.8 zillion hours.
  •  (harden 3), a European country teenage play — 275.3 billion hours.

  •  (flavor 1), a North American country whodunit thriller — 266.4 meg hours. 
  • Elite group (harden 4) — 257.1 1000000 hours.
  •  (harden 2), a musical Colombian telenovela — 230.3 zillion hours.

  • Lupine (theatrical role 2) — 214.1 meg hours.
  •  (harden 1), a Mexican dramatic thriller — 213 meg hours.

Netflix’s near watched movies, ranked

The following are Netflix’s nearly watched 123Movies.Watch Murina (2022) Movies Free, based on Netflix’s have reporting of sum hours viewed in the 1st 28 years of apiece titles’ unfreeze. Any changes are in boldface textual matter. 

  1. , an action at law moving-picture show starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Sir Joshua Reynolds — 364 1000000 hours.
  2. , a saturnine funniness with a star-jam-packed throw up — 359.8 meg hours. 
  3. , a post-tragedy film star Sandra Bullock — 282 one thousand thousand hours.
  4. , a sci-fi hazard drollery — 233.2 jillion hours.
  5. , an legal action picture leading Chris Hemsworth– 231.3 million hours.
  6. , a dramatic event near a fair sex rebuilding her lifetime later prison house — 214.7 jillion hours.
  7. , a stop Cosa Nostra epic poem directed by Martin Scorsese– 214.6 million hours.
  8. , a teen rom-com subsequence — 209.3 billion hours.
  9. , a Michael Embayment explosion-fest starring Ryan Reynolds — 205.5 meg hours.
  10. , an action-clowning star Check off Wahlberg — 197.3 zillion hours.

Early top-ranking movies that induce been bumped knocked out of Netflix’s official all-metre charts:

  • , a menstruation investigator picture — 189.9 million hours.
  • , a burgle put in a snake god Book of Revelation — 187 meg hours.
  • , an action-thriller stellar Charlize Theron — 186 million hours.
  • , a funniness star Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston — 170 zillion hours.

Netflix appears to have got never released a non-English-spoken language moving picture that generated sufficiency wake hours to shit it into an overall top-watched ranking. Only additional widely watched non-English voice communication movies on Netflix sustain included:

  • , a German/British activeness revulsion photographic film determine during a level highjacking — 110.5 million hours.
  • , a Spanish sociable commentary clothed in a horror motion picture — 108.1 trillion hours.
  • , a Scandinavian country catastrophe state of war thriller prima Noomi Rapace — 94.1 trillion hours. 
  • , a European country teenager dally — 92.4 trillion hours. 
  • , Download Murina (2022) Full Movies 4K Free a European country collar funniness — 78.6 zillion hours.
  • , a European country process thriller near a prisonbreak from a prison house ecstasy vehicle — 78.3 zillion hours.
  • , a French litigate thriller just about an unorthodox team of cops — 66.6 billion hours.
  • , a Dutch Planetary Warfare II film — 60.9 jillion hours.
  • , a Gallic legal action thriller — 59.1 million hours. 
  • , it’s similar a Truehearted & Furious motion-picture show just French — 58.3 jillion hours.

Early top-superior non-European country movies that possess been bumped out of the acme 10 include:

  • , a French comedy almost rich siblings tricked into earning their have living — 56.9 zillion hours.
  • , a Confederacy Korean most a gamer’s offer to outlast the zombi Book of Revelation — 54.6 one thousand thousand hours.
  • , a South Korean quad western sandwich with a weaponized child-android — 53.3 billion hours
  • , a Daniel Chester French process picture leading Jean-Claude Van Damme — 52.1 billion hours.
  • , a Brazilian Christmas drollery — 48 million hours. 

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