Greek police arrest 2 suspected members of anarchist group

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek police say they have arrested two people allegedly belonging to armed anarchist group Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire.

The two men, aged 39 and 28, were arrested Saturday, according to police chief police Dimitrios Tsaknakis.

Tsaknakis says the older man’s DNA was found in two letter bombs, and in remains of a bomb that went off a year ago outside a tax office.

None of the explosions had resulted in casualties.

The younger man is accused of providing electronics and rifle laser scopes to fugitive Conspiracy Nuclei member Angeliki Sotiropoulou.She, along with since arrested escaped fugitive Christodoulos Xiros, had planned an attack on a maximum security Athens prison to free imprisoned members of the group. The coup was foiled in early January.