The cervical spine, the uppermost portion of the spine, is made up of 7 cervical vertebrae. Between these vertebrae project the trunks of the eight pairs of cervical nerve roots. There are various special tests for the cervical area that asses each the mobility of the spine as effectively because the compromise of the nerves and vessels in the realm. The following is a listing of a few of the commonest cervical spine special checks.

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The second cervical vertebra (C2) known as the axis (Fig. 15-8). It is the vertebra on which the atlas rotates, permitting the top to show from aspect to aspect. Superior to the body of the axis is a toothlike projection referred to as the dens, or odontoid course of. It initiatives into the anterior portion of the ring of the atlas and 飯田橋 整体 acts as a pivot between the 2 vertebrae.

16. Decrease CERVICAL Area A. Physique:  Small  Transverse diameter is more than AP diameter and peak  Transverse and AP diameter will increase from C2 to C7 with a big increase in both diameters in the upper finish plate of C7.  Posterolateral margins of the higher surfaces of the V.B from C3 to C7 support uncinated processes that give the upper surfaces of those vertebrae a concave shape in the frontal plane.  Anteroinferior border of the V.B types a lip that hangs down toward the V.B below, which produces a concave form of the inferior floor of the superior vertebra.