The occiput and the primary two vertebrae make up the upper cervical spine(Fig 5-3). The atlas (C1) is a bony ring that articulates with the occipital condyles. The major perform of the atlanto-occipital joint is motion in the sagittal plane. In fact, 40% of all cervical flexion and extension occurs above the axis (C2). In contrast, solely 5° to 10° of lateral bending happens on the atlanto-occipital joint. The axis (C2) has a real vertebral physique, from which the odontoid process, or dens, initiatives. The foremost stabilizing force at this joint is the transverse atlantal ligament (TAL). The ligament crosses posterior to the dens and attaches to C1 on both sides; this prevents anterior translation of the atlas on the axis. This specialized osseoligamentous anatomy allows C1 to rotate on C2 in a extremely unconstrained manner, providing 60% of all cervical rotation (18).

Patients will even take part in occupational therapy to study to make use of their fingers; this may be tough to start with, as well as be taught to dress and bathe independently. Sometimes speech therapy is used for these patients with injuries to their spinal cord in the higher thoracic spine as they could have diminished skills immediately after harm. Psychiatrists are helpful for spinal cord damage patients. Mental well being is essential to recovery, so these therapists are used to keep the patient in the best thoughts frame for recovery.

In some patients, a cervical herniated disc can cause spinal cord compression the place disc materials pushes on the spinal cord. That is a much more critical situation and should require a extra aggressive remedy plan. Spinal cord compression signs embody awkward or stumbling gait, difficulty with tremendous motor skills within the palms and 飯田橋 整体 arms, and tingling or “shock” type feelings down the torso or into the legs.