5. Youngsters’s ToysYep. The pink tax even targets toys marketed to women.Actually, that very same New York Metropolis Department of Client Affairs report discovered that toys marketed towards girls price, on average, 7 to eleven % more than toys marketed towards boys. This comparison is a bit trickier as a result of many children’s toys are inherently gendered. In different words, it’s not as simple as a per-ounce price comparison of a liquid product.

Writer’s Note: How Baxter the Robot WorksRobots are cool and I will by no means tire of studying about them. I could even make one sometime. I have an old LEGO Mindstorms package that is been gathering dust, and a pair of new Raspberry Pi computer systems. I just have to set aside a while and drain my checking account on a few more items (like robotics books) earlier than getting started.

Extra exotic leathers are additionally changing into extra frequent. Kangaroo is commonly employed for bullwhips and motorbike leathers, given its lightweight and abrasion-resistant nature. Snake, alligator, and crocodile skins are all fashionable as properly. Even stingray pores and skin might be made into leather-and often is, コンフォリア仲介手数料無料 in locations like Thailand where stingrays are plentiful.